I n t e r n a t i o n a l

Buddhakado O r g a n i s a t i o n


अंतरराष्ट्रीय बुद्धोकादो संगठन


I . B . O .




Full Contact Karate System

International Buddhakado Organisation (I.B.O.)


The International Buddhakado Organisation was formed after the decision was made to make the final step to a total and complete Nepali syllabus.


In 2002 the 2nd version of the Budokai-do syllabus was made using the Nepali terms, names and words, instead of the complete Japanese based syllabus. What remained was the name Budokai-do, which was known as Buddhakado in Nepal.


In 2016 the final transition was made and the name Budokai-do made room for the original Buddhakado.


Implementation of this change was first done in Belgium,

where Maha Guru started his teachings outside Nepal.

Buddhakado - Nepali Full Contact Karate System


Buddhakado is an allround, dynamic full contact style developed in Nepal and introduced to the rest of the world from Knokke-Heist in Belgium by Maha Guru.


In 1997 Maha Guru started his teachings with great results, Students opened schools in different locations over the Flemisch region:


- Knokke-Heist, Yama

- Koksijde, Yantra

- Gent, Karuna

- Geel, Jnana

- Blankenberge, Kaji

- Brugge, Shiva

- Koolkerke, Kaji

- Nieuwpoort, Bharma

- Deinze, Sasori

- Liedekerke, Garuda


Developed & perfected to avoid head-on confrontations, focusing more on ducking, avoiding, striking from the side & back, grabbing & pulling and moving in circles and half circles. This style proves to be quite effective in reallife situations.


The aim of the teachings of Buddhakado is to enable anyone, big, small, strong or weak, to defend themselves and a teaching method that allows intensive training without injuries.


In Buddhakado the goal is to use the opponent's blind spot to maximize the effectiveness of our techniques.


It covers:

  • self defence / close combat techniques
  • logical and realistic movements & rotations
  • competition techniques / combinations
  • breaking techniques
  • ground fighting / defence

...and more!

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